Thursday, September 23, 2021

Professional Appearances: Making a Good First Impression


It is important not to underestimate the importance of a strong first impression. A professional appearance sets a precedent before someone even enters the building. That professionalism is exuded by both commercial and residential properties that maintain their appearance with regular pressure washing.

Commercial First Impressions

Not every potential customer makes a purchase because of the way a building looks from the outside. However, a clean and sharp-looking exterior gives off a strong impression that accompanies patrons into a business. Already holding a favorable opinion is a good start on making a sale. It is an indicator of professionalism, pride and integrity. These are all formidable traits that can be a positive when starting off the buying process. First impressions set the tone and that can be directly related to pressure washing.

Residential First Impressions

It is a proven fact that strong curb appeal can increase a home’s value by as much as 5%. The first thing prospective buyers see when approaching a home is the exterior. The exterior includes the actual outside of the home, the driveway, walkway and any existing landscaping. Pressure washing the outside of the home, the driveway and the walkways is a way of strengthening that first impression.

Perceiving Value

With commercial and residential buildings, there is a perceived value that comes with a look at the exterior. High value leads to a favorable opinion. When selling a home or products, it is imperative to establish credibility. Coincidentally, a freshly pressure washed exterior can do just that. Many people put a premium on the way something looks and that is no different when it comes to properties. Starting anything in a positive manner is helped immensely by a good first impression. And perceiving value comes with a professional look that shows pride.

Clean Concrete

Many homes and businesses have some form of concrete leading up to their entrance. When these concrete areas are faded or sullied, it gives the impression that a home or business is encased in dirt, dust and grime. And before someone visits a home for sale or an actual brick and mortar business, they have a tendency to check them out online. If the exterior pictures are not appealing, the person may simply scroll on to the next option. Keeping the concrete clean around your home or business with pressure washing is a way of making a strong online impression as well.

SBG Press Washing is ready to provide you with a strong first impression with top-quality pressure washing in Charlotte, NC.