Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Gutter Oxidation Removal: Brighten Your Gutters

One of the major components of curb appeal is the condition of the gutters on a home. Once they have been cleaned out, it is often time to address any issues with oxidation. This is not as simple as climbing up a ladder and spraying a household cleaning solution.

The gutters on a home can accumulate a dirty look over time and this typically results in a grayish color or black stripes. At first glance, this would appear to be a buildup of dirt. But it is something different altogether. It is likely oxidation, which is caused by rain pouring out over the gutter. That leads to stains that appear to be embedded in the gutter and are not as easy to remove as one may think.

Replacing the gutters is an expensive yet available option. Another solution is to completely refurbish the gutters, which entails the removal of the paint at the surface level. Outside of stripping the paint down for refinishing or replacement, the best method is pressure washing. A good pressure cleaning employs a specialized chemical cleaning agent and equipment. This will not damage the layers of paint beneath the top level since proper gutter oxidation removal does not require high levels of pressure.

A restoration chemical is key in restoring a bright color to your gutters. It starts with a simple spray that breaks up the bond of the dirt within the oxidation of the paint. The chemical needs just a minute or so to set and then the simple stroke of a brush can wipe away that grayish stains. It will make gutters look new and it is not a costly or elongated process.

It should also be noted that oxidation on gutters is not a type of algae so an algaecide will not remedy the problem. It is quite different than power washing siding, brick or concrete. Those types of cleaning do not have to deal with removing levels of oxidation. 

Gutters on older homes are particularly susceptible to gutter oxidation, although newer homes are not immune to this issue. The oxidation creates a bond that is not able to be broken with ordinary products. That is why oxidation removal is so often done by professionals as they are trained and skilled in how to use the potent chemicals used to carry out this process. Brightening your gutters outside of a simple wash is a task best left to the pros who know how to handle these chemical agents. However, these agents are not a risk to damage or lessen the integrity of your gutters.  

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